4.4/5 (348 Google reviews)
The visit to this archaeological site, remarkable for its size, development and the number of animations, helps you discover the roots of the 'Cité Ardente'. Each visitor wanders through the remains of an ancient medieval cathedral, the ruins of a Gallo-Roman villa and sees the traces of a prehistoric encampment.

The site is accessible alone or in a group. Two formulae are available...

The first allows you to discover the site alone, armed with an interactive iPod (tablet). It offers an individual itinerary aimed at the general public and a family itinerary including games and things to do, specially arranged for younger children. You can pass easily from one to the other.

The second is with a professional guide with a passion for archaeology, history and Liège heritage. You are accompanied in your dscovery of the site and receive explanations. These visits are arranged for groups of a minimum of 10 people and have to be reserved in advance.
  • Bus stop: Place St-Lambert • Train: Liège-Palais station