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Just a few steps from the Grand-Place, the museum invites the visitor to explore the long military history of Tournai and the Tournaisis region from 1100 to 1945 by discovering the armament of the troops, their artillery and their equipment.
A number of remarkable pieces are on display, from the medieval cannon to the V2, two of which are classified as Treasures of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation .

Tournai, its walls, its citadel
Explore the changes in the fortifications since the reign of Philippe-Auguste and the numerous sieges suffered by the city, notably by Edward III in 1340, Henry VIII in 1513, Charles-Quint in 1521, Louis XIV in 1667, Marlborough in 1709 and Louis XV in 1745, as well as the famous battle of Fontenoy.

From the Revolution to Belgium and the Empire, a garrison town A rich collection and abundant iconography illustrate the battles of the Revolution, the imperial period, the Dutch period and the Belgian period, focusing on the regiments that were garrisoned in the town (cuirassiers, lancers, horsemen, footmen, artillerymen, etc.) and the Civic Guard until 1914.

A town marked by the 2 world conflicts
The visit continues with the evocation of the key events of the two world wars: the battle of 24 August 1914 (defence of the town by French territorial troops) and the Battle of the Lys and the Escaut in October-November 1918 (an offensive led by British troops), the bombing of Tournai by the Luftwaffe and the battle of the Scheldt in May 1940, not forgetting the Allied bombardments and the Liberation in September 1944.